Medical Equipment

Provide supplies for ICU,sickroom,clinic ect.

Hospital Bed Supplier

Hospital Bed,medical trolley,baby&child bed,other furnitures.

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Syringe pump REP-3600

Syringe pump REP-3600 单击 “编辑” 按钮更改此文本。这是测试文本。 单击 “编辑” 按钮更改此文本。这是测试文本。 手风琴 #1 单击 “编辑” 按钮更改此文本。这是测试文本。 手风琴 #2 单击 “编辑” 按钮更改此文本。这是测试文本。

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Syringe pump REP-1600

Previous Next Syringe pump REP-1600 1.Accurate and reliable delivery: The Repumed Medical syringe pump utilizes advanced microprocessor technology to ensure precise and consistent medication delivery.

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