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Reliable, Safe & High Quality ICU Medical Ventilator Machine Hospital Medical Equipment

Delivers excellent ventilation for
both pediatric and adult patients.
Invasive & Non-invasive ventilation modes cover all types of patients.

User-friendly interface
12.1″ TFT touch color screen with
navigation knob providing intuitive interface.

Detachable screen reduces the
possibility of cross-infection.

Exhalation Valve & Flow Sensor
Durable integrated exhalation valve, easy to sterilize.

Built-in flow sensor, non-consumable, low maintenance cost.

a pneumatically driven ventilator to be used in Intensive Care Units, emergency room, recovery room, wards, etc. With tidal volume from 20 ml upwards, it can be applied to pediatric and adult patients. It has comprehensive functions to provide ventilator supports complying with clinical requirements.

1. Safety guarantee
The display unit is detachable. It can be installed on other ICU equipments like a ceiling pendant to minimize cross-infection. Clinicians can observe patients’ situation from a distance and from any angle.
2. Unique exhalation valve
The exhalation valve is auto-clavable and easy to disinfect. The internal heating system gives the exhalation valve a thermostatic function which will prevent water condensation. Thus the built-in flow sensor is effectively protected from damaging, reducing maintenance cost.
3. Loop display
Pressure – volume and flow – volume loops were monitored to help clinicians to monitor the upper inflection point and lower inflection point, give more detailed information for patient’s lung.
4. Clinical tools
Clinical situations can be complicated during ventilation phases.  provides intervention tools to meet various demands, e.g. , inspiratory hold, expiratory hold, manual ventilation, suction, etc. Freeze Screen button allows clinicians to freeze the waveforms to do further analysis.
5. Ease of use
The menu is reasonably organized so that users can easily identify the right mode to use. First-time users will get familiar with the operation following basic instructions.

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