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Surgical Operation Lamp LED surgical shadowless light for surgery illumination at hospitals and surgery centers

LED surgical shadowless light
is a ceiling-type surgical shadowless light suitable for
surgery illumination at hospitals and surgery centers.


Easy To Disinfect

Endoscopic Light
Patented Light ing Ref lector
Surfaces are easy to clean with anti-infrared and scratch-proofed light screen made of synthetic resin with 2H hardness coating. It also has sterilizable handle made of PSU with maximum temperature tolerance of 135oC heating. The shell of the light head made of PA66 can be easily cleaned.

Laminar Flow Compatibility

With ultra-thin and streamlined shell, this light enhances laminar flow in the operating room, providing a more hygienic environ- ment.

LED Lighting Reflector

The alloy- aluminium reflector allows effective heat dissipation and good light reflection.The LED of the reflector has up to 50,000 hours of life expectan- cy with high reliability which will definitely allow hospitals to save cost.

Aeonmed OL 9500 LED surgical shadowless CE certificate operating lamp Medical operating light

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